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5 Nontraditional Interview Questions to Uncover the Best Candidates

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5 Non-Traditional Interview Questions to Uncover the Best Candidates

There is no doubt that the standard interview has weaknesses. The interview as a hiring tool is not going away any time soon — but recruiters and hiring managers need a way to strengthen this process in order to make better decisions and find the right candidates for the job.

While your interview format should still retain some standard questions, you can uncover the best candidates by adding nontraditional questions into the mix. Here are five unexpected interview questions that will help you refine your hiring process and select great candidates for your open positions.

1. What is your definition of success?

This question is similar to the standard “what are your career goals” line, but it places a slightly different emphasis on a candidate’s aspirations. By asking interviewees to give their own definition of success – without tying it specifically to the position they’re interviewing for – you’ll know not only what their goals are in terms of working for your company, but also whether they’re looking for a long-term career or just a paycheck. You can also gain insight into whether the position is a good fit for them.

2. What are the first three things you do when you arrive at work?

This nontraditional question gives you a look at the candidate’s work style, level of organization, and work ethic. Everyone has a different method of dealing with their work day, but the answer to this question should indicate that the candidate handles tasks in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, you’ll discover more about their relevant skills and knowledge through their response.

3. What types of people bother you?

Regardless of the position, the ability to work within a team is important for any candidate. Asking this question gives you insight into a candidate’s cultural fit, so you can gauge how well they’ll get along with your existing team. Honesty in divulging a few pet peeves is fine as a response, but if a candidate either states that they get along with everyone, or churns out a laundry list of complaints, these could be potential red flags.

4. What are the most effective approaches for managing you?

This question can give you insight on both cultural fit and the candidate’s working style — whether they’re low-maintenance and function best with little to no guidance, or perform well under detailed direction and support. Depending on the existing managerial style at your organization, a candidate’s response may signal an ideal fit, or a potential problem aligning with your leadership.

5. Please list and rank factors that affect your job acceptance.

With this question, you can find out what a candidate is looking for in terms of deciding on the right job for them. This is a more subtle way to uncover candidates’ salary and benefits expectations, willingness to perform, and what they believe the position will entail — which will hopefully align with the actual job description. You can also use this question to make the right offer and win over top talent who may be considering positions at other companies.

In today’s connected business environment, answers to standard interview questions are readily available to determined candidates. Asking both standard and nontraditional interview questions ensures that you’ll receive more than rehearsed responses, and helps you determine which candidates are the best choice for your organization. Speak to the staffing experts at The Armada Group today to learn how unconventional interview practices can expedite your hiring process.