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5 Mobile Certifications to Advance Your Career

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8 Mobile Certifications

Mobility has, like many areas of IT, grown exponentially in the last decade, and even the last few years. Smartphones have become the majority, rather than the minority, so everything from mobile security to app development is a hot skill on a resume. In light of that, here are the top five mobile certifications to advance your career.

1. Mobile App Sec+.
CompTIA holds the first two on this list. The Mobile App Sec+ certifies an owner’s/developer’s security ability. This can be attained in iOS or Android, and focuses on secure network communications and back-end development.

2. Mobility+.
CompTIA’s Mobility+ tests a more generalized variety of skills than the Mobile App Sec+. The Mobility+ certification is designed to ascertain MDM (mobile device management), troubleshooting, network infrastructure, and to do so securely.

3. Mobile Development Fundamentals.
While WinMo doesn’t carry the clout of Android and iOS, it still has thousands of apps. The MDF is a Microsoft Technology Associate certification that validates several computing languages needed to develop a Microsoft app.

4. Java ME 1 Mobile Application Developer
Java is one of the most widely used languages presently, and this long-winded certification is developed to ensure a candidate has a level of proficiency for Java mobile app development. It does require a prior certification of Java development (SE 5, 6, or 7).

5. Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility.
Citrix’s large market share validates this certification for mobile developers. The focus here is on design and implementation of enterprise solutions, especially those with BYOD and MDM solutions.

Mobility has earned its place in the spotlight as it sweeps through businesses. Device management, apps, security – there’s a broad field of needs that businesses must fulfill for optimal efficiency. Regardless of which type of mobile need your business has, we can help.

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