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5 Critical Skills That Every DevOps Engineer Should Have

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5 Critical Skills That Every DevOps Engineer Should Have 1


DevOps engineers are uniquely positioned in most companies. Typically, they straddle development and operations, allowing them to speed up the delivery of software by bridging those two worlds. 

In order to be a successful DevOps engineer, certain skills easily qualify as must-haves. If you want to further your DevOps career, here are the ones you need to bring to the table. 

Communication Skills 

DevOps engineers work on larger teams, often comprised of a variety of professionals with different areas of expertise. Without strong communication skills, you may struggle to keep a project on track. Collaboration is hindered when communication is poor, particularly if not every team member has the same knowledge base. 

If you want to excel as a DevOps engineer, your written and oral communication skills need to be stellar. That way, you can discuss complex topics with those who might not be as knowledgeable, ensuring everyone can get and stay on the same page and work together cohesively. 

Version Control Systems 

Version control systems (VCSs) give DevOps engineers the ability to track changes in software applications. As a result, VCS tools need to be part of your repertoire, as the ability to use them is a fundamental part of the job. While the specific tools may vary from one employer to the next, having a solid understanding of CVS, Git, Mercuria, and SVN is usually a good foundation. 

Continuous Integration 

Continuous integration (CI) is a cornerstone of DevOps. It allows individual pieces of code to come together with greater ease, shortening overall development time. Since it is a fundamental part of DevOps, every DevOps engineers need to be CI savvy. 

Automation Tools 

Another hallmark of DevOps is automation, ensuring that DevOps engineers can provide consistent performance and expedite development, mainly by automating high repetitive manual tasks that would otherwise be tedious and time-consuming. Knowing various automation tools can help you stand out as a DevOps engineer, so make sure you have at least a few that you can include on your resume. 


Long gone are the days where only a single part of the IT landscape needed to focus on security. Since IT security is a priority for nearly every company, understanding the fundamentals is a must. That way, security can be considered throughout the development process, ensuring it isn’t treated as an afterthought and that issues that emerge early in the process are addressed quickly and efficiently. 

Ultimately, all five of the skills above are critical if you want to have a successful career as a DevOps engineer. Without them, you may struggle to advance or stand out as a strong candidate, and that could hinder your ability to achieve your professional goals. 

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