Thursday, Apr 17 2014

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Find Your Next IT Job

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There was a time when job searching was largely confined to the local newspaper, and maybe a few friends or bulletin boards. Today, you can conduct your entire job search from your computer—or smartphone, tablet, or Internet-connected device of your choice.

Along with online job boards and electronic applications submitted through company websites, social media is playing an increasing role in the job market. The business world connects through online social channels, and you can use this vast network to find and land the perfect IT job.

Here are four ways you can use social media to find great IT job opportunities.

1. Leverage LinkedIn

For professionals looking for a job, there is no better social network than LinkedIn. This business-oriented social site, closing in on 300 million members, is built for connecting people with careers—so if you’re not on LinkedIn, now is the time to join.

One of the fastest and most direct ways to find jobs on LinkedIn is through the social network’s massive jobs board, categorized by industry and location. You can also find opportunities—or have them come to you—by being active on the site. Follow industry leaders and potential employers, participate in conversations, and post your own content to engage and share with others.

Also, make sure your LinkedIn profile is completely filled out, with detailed work experience and links to your online resume or portfolio, when applicable.

2. Advertise your availability

Referrals are one of the best ways to land a new IT job, but your online friends and acquaintances can’t refer you if they don’t know you’re in the market. Use your primary social networks (especially LinkedIn) to professionally announce that you’re on the job search path.

On LinkedIn, you can use your “professional headline” to establish your status, by adding a phrase to your job title such as “in transition” or “seeking new challenges.” This subtle cue can also be copied on your other accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter.

If you already have contacts in your industry, you can use social media to contact them personally, refresh the relationship, and tactfully find out whether they’re aware of any opportunities that might be a good fit for you.

3. Say it with status updates

Whether you post, tweet, or note, status updates are a good way to periodically remind your current network that you’re looking for a new opportunity. Be sure to note the types of IT jobs you’re looking for, and any companies you’re particularly interested in.

The best way to gain results with this strategy is to give back to others. Monitor your connections’ statuses so you can identify anyone else looking for a job, and forward appropriate leads or connections to them. People are more willing to help those who’ve helped them.

4. Expand your network

The more people you’re connected to through social media, the better your chances of finding the right job. It’s all about who you know, and who they know. With a larger network, you’re more likely to find someone who knows someone, who can get you a foot in the right door.

Start by ensuring that all your social profiles are filled out completely and ready for viewing by prospective employers. Then, invite everyone you know to connect with you—those you’ve gone to school with, worked with, people in your community, and anyone else who would recognize your name.

Finally, consider joining relevant groups on various social networks. You can find alumni networks, industry groups, interest groups, and even job-seeking groups on LinkedIn and Facebook that will offer even more potential connections.

How will you use social media to find your next IT job? If you are looking for tech employment in San Jose, contact our team today.