Thursday, May 08 2014

4 Ways to Sell Yourself as a Tech Employer of Choice

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Technical Recruiters in San Francisco can help you become an employer of choice for top tech talent.

While unemployment is volatile at best, the last few years’ unemployment rates in the technology sector are half of the rest of the US, with roughly 20% expected growth through 2023. For anyone with the right certifications, experience, or education, the odds of obtaining employment are better than the odds of a business finding the ideal candidate for a position.

Knowing this, you, as an employer, have a hard campaign ahead of you. How do you sell your firm over another firm who may be offering equal compensation and comparable positions? It’s not as hard as it seems.

1. Develop a culture candidates flock to join. Sometimes this is easier said than done, as big ships don’t turn easily; but culture plays an absolutely crucial role in workplace productivity and reputations spread. Maintaining a positive work culture is a great way to attract new talent without trying to bribe away other employees (and, as any tenured recruiter knows, bribing away employees creates zero loyalty).

2. Maintain flexibility. In order to perform, companies need to be run like a machine, and hence, require a certain level of structure. However, within the parameters of this structure, find unique and helpful ways to do things other companies are not. Allow employees to work at home more, create their own hours or telecommute entirely. These things are relatively small – and can actually increase your bottom line - but create very big impressions and increase job satisfaction loyalty. This also boosts morale considerably and increases productivity.

3.  Encourage upward mobility. It’s what candidates (should) want to hear, and the ones who don’t care about upward mobility are generally not ones you want on your team anyhow. While allowing exclusively internal candidates new positions is not always a good thing, making it known that the opportunity is there, is. It’s important to inject fresh talent into a company at times, but it’s likewise prudent to retain all-stars.

4. Be candid. The best way to sell a candidate is to be very forward about your expectations, and be reciprocally honest about their questions or concerns. People can sense sincerity, as well as … insincerity.

The most effective means to sell them is to incorporate the above with a highly skilled recruiter. Especially in the IT world, there is such a vast and diverse array of functions that an amateur can easily be lost in the different niches. A polished, effective IT recruiter knows how to sell your company, and pairing together the right candidates for effective long term benefit.

At the Armada Group, we have perfected this skill. Based in Silicon Valley, we work with some of the most innovate and fastest growing companies in the world. We don’t recruit just anyone; we comprehensively vet and retain elite talent for elite companies. If you are looking for technical recruiters in San Francisco, contact our team today.