Wednesday, Aug 29 2012

4 Tips to Ensure You Recruit Top Talent

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Armada’s clients, both large and small, encounter the same recruiting and staffing challenges as found in Inc.’s 2012 CEO survey, which notes that finding talented workers is the greatest obstacle to company growth.  I agree and would add that the challenge is not unique to today’s market, as it has always been difficult to find exceptional talent.  With the knock-down, drag out competition for talent out there, having the highest caliber recruiting firms working to secure top tier talent for you is absolutely critical.

To ensure that you are securing extraordinary talent, it is important to partner with the right providers and keep these 4 tips in mind:

1.performance11. Pay for Performance:  Ask yourself, “What is the cost to my company if I don’t secure the right talent?”  Fundamentally, my belief is you get what you pay for and you should pay a premium for premium performance.  Whether you are talking about internal employees, partners, or vendors, this is true.  To ensure your needs are advocated above those of your competitors, incentivize your recruiting partners so your needs are a top priority to them.

2.resources32. Utilize All Your Resources:  Don’t solely rely on your company’s internal HR or recruiting team to deliver on all your hiring needs.  Typically, internal recruiting teams are working hard to fill other open requirements in the company.  Positions that require a high level of technical expertise or a skill set that is in high demand, are not easily filled and don’t get the level of attention they require.  Working with specialty firms, who will focus their time, skills, and resources on the specific area of expertise, will produce better results.

33. Invest Time Upfront:  It’s critical that you take the time to work with your chosen recruiting firm so that they understand your priorities and the nuances of your specific needs.  The more detailed information you arm your recruiting firm with, the better positioned they are to make your requirements a priority.  Make sure the firm you decide to partner with mirrors your sense of urgency and understands your process.  In addition, help them “sell” your company and give them the specific requirements for talent, which will make them an extension of your sales force.

4.consider34. Consider Contract to Hire:  Finding top tier talent is the primary challenge noted in this article and the secondary challenge is not firing the wrong talent quickly enough.  I would make the argument here for the value of contract to hire.  This engagement model allows you to experience what working with someone will REALLY be like, without the investment or risk to the company, and your current team.

It’s always tough to find top tier talent, regardless of how the economy is doing, so developing solid relationships with exceptional partners to enhance your business is a good investment of your time and resources.