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4 Things to Look for When Hiring an iOS Developer in Silicon Valley

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 4 Things to IOS

Between the release of Swift, Apple’s new programming language, “Yosemite,” and iOS 8, Apple has been a busy company as of late. (Not that they’ve ever been exactly “idle,” either.) In part because of their recent trends, companies are searching for more iOS developers. Here are 4 things to look for when hiring an iOS developer in Silicon Valley.

1. Intuition.
A strong developer will have an intuitive understanding of what can and cannot be done, what will and will not work. Additionally, small things that make big differences on the programming side – as well as what the end user will enjoy or find productive – is something that will set apart a strong developer from a mediocre one.

2. Innovation.
The tendency to continue doing what’s already been done, refining what’s already invented, and using template style approaches simply won’t bring forth anything fresh. Innovators bring something new to the table, and are often the growth engine for a company who relies on a strong developer.

3. Experience.
Apple doesn’t offer an official certification the way that CompTIA, Cisco or Microsoft does, so experience is the best way to verify past performance. When ascertaining experience, ask for specific examples, scenarios, and if possible, check out their past developments or apps. If this isn’t possible (and frequently, it’s not) try a test run or a small project to have them develop first.

4. Culture.
Having the skill level and experience to develop an app or program is fantastic, but unless the candidate is a good fit, it will likely be a fruitless project. Having the right business culture mindset in lockstep with the company is absolutely crucial for long-term success. Both developer and company (or any employee, for that matter) must be a mutual consensus about the vision for the employee and company.

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