Sunday, Jun 15 2014

3 Compelling Reasons to Hire for Cultural Fit

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3 Reasons To Hire


When it comes to hiring the right person, the hard skills and certifications are primary qualifiers. Certifications are the key identifiers on a resume, but it’s the business culture and soft skills that ensure long term employer/employee relationships yield long-term results. Having the ideal match, rather than someone who simply has the hard skills, will greatly produce long-term benefits. Here are three reasons to hire for cultural fit:

1. Increased productivity.

A candidate with a similar mindset of the business will have a more synergistic approach, and hence, a similar mindset on projects small and large. This will allow a worker to yield results that both require fewer edits and are more closely in line with business expectations.

2. Decreased friction.

Having a cultural fit decreases the amount of friction between employer and employee, and enables the business relationship to function more smoothly. A smoother relationship increases long-term job satisfaction, reducing turnover and lowering training costs. Furthermore, the strategic and long-term goals will coincide more directly with employers who share cultural similarities, eliminating potential hostilities.

3. Versatility and mobility.

Having an outstanding software developer who doesn’t share the company’s cultural fit can still develop software – but moving up or over is simply not an option. In order to maintain a company’s culture, leaders must hire and train within that culture. Any other mindset will diminish the cultural values, which can cause enormous amounts of tension and personality clashes among leadership – a sure way to inadvertently nullify a business’s strategic plan.

Technical skills are an important function of IT to get a job done, but the cultural fit gets the job done right. Hiring for cultural reasons increases the amount of productivity, reduces turnover and training costs, and pays long-term dividends due to the ability to grow with the company.

 Regardless of which technical skills – or business culture fit – you’re looking for, we can help. At The Armada Group, our primary objective is to find elite talent who shares a similar mindset to the hiring company. We thoroughly understand a business’s cultural aspects and vet candidates with a great deal of caution prior to matching them together. It’s what separates us from other technical recruiting agencies who simply fill vacancies. Contact us today to see how we can help you!