• Project Management Case Studies

    Project Management Case Studies

Cloud Services Platform Development and Administration

Previous management selected a large national staffing firm as the onsite Managed Services Provider (MSP) and single source staffing provider for the entire division. After the HP Palm acquisition, the new VP of WebOS Cloud Services quickly realized both the Product Development and Operations teams were not getting the service they needed; the recruiters serving them didn’t understand their requirements, and provided subpar customer service. He and his management team were also concerned about qualified candidate flow, a low sense of urgency by the MSP personnel, and that the MSP just didn’t “get it” when it comes to getting the job done for them.
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Mobile Applications Development and Testing

Given the extraordinary momentum and growth in the mobile applications marketplace, Aha was having difficulty identifying and engaging high caliber software engineering and project management talent with mobile expertise.  They were facing urgent deadlines to deliver product to a number of major automobile manufacturers, but were lacking several key resources to complete the development by the delivery date. Their in-house staffing team was engaged, but was not delivering the appropriate resources in a timely enough manner to meet the deadlines. Aha’s VP of Engineering had successfully engaged Armada when he led eBay’s Mobile Product Development team, and reached out for help.
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Enterprise Management Application Development

Through a long-term period of growth and acquisitions Cisco had supported a range of legacy systems with duplicate business process. These systems were beginning to create difficulties with flexibility of core business and cost of support/maintenance. Cisco’s Application Foundation Solutions (AFS) development organization is the team responsible for developing and maintaining leading-edge, cohesive internal systems and applications for all business units in order to maximize productivity and performance.
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