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Millennials Are An Anxious Generation. Here's How You Can Help.

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Millennials Are An Anxious Generation. Heres How You Can Help

When your employees give everything their all, sometimes they end up giving too much, leading to burnout. The Millennial generation is often overloaded with work, continuing education, hobbies, and family obligations, leaving them overstressed and unable to do their best. Use these tips to help the Millennials at your workplace find balance that lets them be productive at work and in all aspects of their lives.

Offer Flexible Work Arrangements

It's easier for Millennials to manage their work and outside obligations when they have the flexibility to work from home, work a shifted schedule, or work part-time hours. Technology today makes it possible for almost every worker to get their job done from home; particularly in IT, there are few positions that truly require an on-site presence to interact with customers or equipment.

Offer Flexible Work Assignments

Sometimes burnout or work stress comes from having too little that's interesting to do rather than having too much to do. Give your employees the chance to mix it up with different projects that reduce boredom. Rather than spending all day coding, let your team shadow business people for a few hours or days. It will be a break in the routine that also deepens their understanding of the goals and significance of their work.

Create a Culture of Caring

If management demonstrates that it cares about employees, they'll be less likely to stress and more likely to ask for help if they need it. Allow managers to get to know their employees outside of work with offsite teambuilding activities. Except when deadlines are in danger, allow employees to goof around at the office. That casual banter helps build relationships that pull the team together and encourage everyone to work together to meet project goals.

Make Work Meaningful

Employees are less likely to burnout at work if the work has meaning to them or to society. Make sure your business contributes to social or civic causes and encourage employees to join your charitable teams.

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