Tuesday, Jul 05 2016

Four Ways to NOT Get Fired From Your IT Job

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Just getting through the day at the office can be tough sometimes. When you're worried about being fired, each eight-hour workday can feel like 80. Here are four tips that can help you minimize the risk of being fired and let you enjoy the challenges of your job.

Fit In With the Company Culture

No matter how good you are technically, if you don't fit in, you may eventually be cast out. Every company has a culture, which includes things like how the employees dress, what time they show up for work, how they communicate, how they react to problems, and what the priorities are. Because it's hard to change your personality and the way you behave, it's best to evaluate your cultural fit before you accept a position.

Build a Solid Relationship With Your Manager

Even if layoffs are mandated by senior executives, your immediate manager probably has some say in which employees are let go. The better your manager knows you and your work, the more likely your position will be secure. In some tech organizations, the project manager or technical leader who oversees your work isn't the manager with the hiring authority, so be sure you understand who is. Then make sure to keep that manager updated about the work you're doing. If they offer one-on-one meetings, take them and discuss your career path. If you make it evident you see a future for yourself with the company, so will the manager. 

Address Any Performance Issues

While ideally you're succeeding at your job, if there are problems, you need to address them to boost your job security. This can mean improving your technical skills—if you wrote buggy code that delayed a release or caused a production problem, you need to learn from those errors and let your managers know it won't happen again. Other problems may have to do with communication skills, whether with teammates or with the business or end users. Make sure you have good working relationships with everyone you interact with at the office.

Don't Play Politics

For the most part, technical workers have little to gain by becoming involved in office gossip or political machinations. Focus on completing your work; your own solid technical contributions are more likely to help you get ahead or keep your job secure than any attempts at undermining colleagues

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