Monday, Jun 27 2016

The Internet of Things Demands These Skills - Do You Have Them?

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internet demands these skills

Gartner estimates that there will be more than 20 billion connected devices by 2020. All of them need to be designed, programmed, and supported by workers with leading edge technical skills. Here's a look at the technical skills that will get you hired.

Circuit Board Designer

Prototypes of IoT devices are often built with off-the-shelf components, but once a design is ready to be turned into a product, companies often need custom circuit boards that are optimized for the product's key features.

C/C++ Programmer

Making IoT devices perform useful functions requires programming their microcontroller. While the devices can be programmed in their own assembler language, it's more typical to develop applications in C or C++. The Arduino prototyping platform provides a library of C/C++ functions for developer use.

Big Data

While IoT devices are often small, they generate large amounts of data, such as sensor measurements recorded every few seconds. Building the backend systems that can store, manipulate, and generate meaning from the data requires familiarity with big data and analytics skills.


Many smart devices need to incorporate location awareness into their functionality. Developers should learn how to work with coordinates and map data.


IoT devices must be connected to networks, which makes them potential entry points for hackers who could then gain access to other sensitive information. In addition to protecting the devices themselves, the devices are often managed through web or mobile applications that contain personally identifiable information that must be kept secure.


The web and mobile applications that let users manage their IoT devices have both front end and backend components. Node.js lets developers use a JavaScript to develop both sides of the application. Projects have extended Node.js to let it easily use Arduino controls from the web app. Because Node.js has a small footprint, it can be used to develop the device application itself.

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