Tuesday, Jun 21 2016

Tech and Engineering Jobs are on the Rise Across All Industries. Here's How to Get One!

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tech jobs on the rise

Information technology and related engineering fields continue to offer strong employment opportunities for candidates with solid credentials. IT employment has increased by nearly 4 percent since last year. For candidates looking for new opportunities in the industry, use these tips to focus your search and stand out.

Focus on industries with growing opportunities.

Although the demand for tech workers exists in all industries, it isn't equally strong across all of them. You'll find a job more quickly if you focus on the industries with the most current opportunities, such as the consulting industry and the computer systems design industry.

Emphasis your technical qualifications.

Technology jobs require many skills in addition to technical knowledge, but employers use technical skills as screening criteria to filter out resumes of unqualified candidates. Make sure your resume lists all the technical skills you have, including operating systems, programming languages, databases, software development tools, and specific frameworks.

Develop skills to meet industry trends.

Find out which programming languages and other skills are in demand. If you lack them, take time to learn them—with online resources and free downloads of software, it isn't difficult to develop basic competency by studying on your own. You can even highlight your initiative in undertaking this independent study.

Demonstrate passion for technology.

Contribute to an open source project and include that on your resume. Open source projects are typically on the cutting edge of software development methodologies, so working on one shows potential employers that you're serious about keeping current with what's happening in the tech industry.

Leverage your contacts.

Take advantage of your network. If someone you know personally recommends you for a position, you'll have the inside edge on getting the job. Hiring managers know that your contact wouldn't risk their own reputation by referring an unqualified candidate.

Work with an experienced recruiter.

If you don't have inside connections, the next-best way of connecting with a top company is to work with a staffing agency like The Armada Group. We'll take time to understand your qualifications and your interests so we can match you with openings that will challenge and excite you. Plus, our relationships with hiring companies give us insight into what the positions truly require, meaning we only send you to companies where you'll have a strong chance of getting the job. You don't waste time interviewing for positions you'll never get, and will find the job of your dreams faster than if you search on your own. Contact us to learn how we can help you find your next job now.