Monday, Jun 20 2016

How to Stop a Poor Client Relationship Before it Affects Your Business

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stop poor client relationship

Building an application can be a fun challenge, but ultimately it needs to meet the needs of your client. Misunderstandings and miscommunication can lead to a difficult relationship that makes satisfying their requirements nearly impossible. If you notice you're having conflict with your client, take action to salvage the relationship and the project before it impacts your business.

Identify the Problem

First, acknowledge that there's a problem. Take a step back and try to figure out exactly what's gone wrong. You may be able to point to a specific moment after which the relationship changed, which may mean there's a specific concern about the project that you need to address. Or the relationship may have been difficult from the beginning, which can mean that your style of interacting with the client doesn't mesh with their preferred method of communicating.

Communicate With the Customer

Let the customer know that you recognize there's a problem. You may choose to apologize or simply to accept responsibility for improving the working relationship. If there's a problem with the project, identify the ways you'll be addressing the issue to reduce its impact going forward. If the problem is with how you've been interacting, put in place a new way of providing updates and answering questions – perhaps by a regular email, phone call, or demos, depending on the customer's preferences.

Know When to End the Relationship

Sometimes the relationship can't be salvaged. It's better to hand the project off cleanly to someone else rather than continue to struggle. Make sure to do this professionally; giving notice to a client, like giving notice to an employer, is not a time to burn bridges. Provide all the support needed to transition the project. Done well, you can walk about with your reputation intact.

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