Wednesday, Jun 15 2016

How to Pick Yourself Up After a Project Failure Knocked You Down

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We invest so much of ourselves at work that it's hard not to feel like you're wearing a "scarlet F" after a project fails. Dwelling on failure isn't productive. Instead, use these tips to pick yourself up and recover your career mojo.

Analyze, But Don't Overanalyze

Review the root cause of the problems, and then identify ways to prevent those problems from occurring on future projects. Maybe your actions did contribute to the project's failure, in which case you can look for ways to improve your skills for the next project. It may also be the case that your project was doomed for reasons outside your control.

Talk to Stakeholders

When a project fails, the project may end, but the problems or challenges that led to the project in the first place remain. Discuss the situation with the client to help them decide how it will move forward. Be honest about what caused the failure. Be ready to discuss new ways of tackling the problem that will be more likely to succeed.

Talk to Your Team

Your team will feel the impact of the failure as intensely as you do; you need to lead them in responding effectively. As with your personal response, don't allow them to brood and overanalyze. Allow them only a day or so of negativity before calling a team meeting that acknowledges the failure but provides direction on how you'll move forward. Don't call out individual contributors to the failure in a group meeting; have those discussions one-on-one when needed.

Plan Your Next Steps

One failure is bad; two is much worse. Make sure you're well prepared to succeed in your next project. You may need to bring in new talent; or you may want to switch to a company that has more realistic project budgets, schedules, and resources that make success more likely. Whichever approach you choose to take, The Armada Group's connections to candidates and opportunities can help you implement your plan for future project success. Contact us to learn how our experienced recruiters work with you to meet your business needs.