Thursday, Jun 02 2016

What CIOs Want You To Know About Your Job Search

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Reaching the C-suite is the pinnacle of many job seekers' career ambitions. Those who've made it have had to succeed in a lot of jobs along the way. It stands to reason, then, that you can learn a lot about looking for a job by listening to what CIOs have to say. Here are some tips gathered from what CIOs have told online publications.

Leverage Networks and Internships

Making connections is key to getting hired. Get an internship that gives you real experience in industry and keep in touch with your manager and coworkers after you return to school. Seek out a mentoring relationship—if there isn't any formal program, take advantage of one-on-one meetings with your manager to get guidance.

Demonstrate Passion for Technology

Hiring managers want to know that you're enthusiastic about the technology you'll be using on their projects. Demonstrate that you've got passion for technology by highlighting new skills you've developed on your own. Contributing to open source projects shows both passion and commitment to keeping up with industry developments.

Demonstrate Interest in the Business and the Customers

Although technical passion is important, managers also want to see that you have an interest in the business. Make sure you research the company before your interview so you can ask intelligent questions about the industry and its customers. Find ways to demonstrate your interpersonal skills, as being able to interact well with non-technical colleagues and with end users opens up numerous other opportunities.

Be Broad-Minded

Don't limit yourself to a single industry vertical. Technical skills are highly portable across industries. You'll have a bigger pool of job openings to choose from if you're open to learning about new business domains.

Be Assertive and Confident

No matter how nervous you are about interviewing, present yourself as confident and enthusiastic about your ability to perform in the position. If you don't believe in yourself, it's difficult to convince others to believe in you. At the same time, you need to be yourself; you need to be the same person at the interview that you'll be every day on the job.

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