Monday, Oct 09 2017

Why Web Developers Must be More Mindful

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In general, tech jobs aren’t considered low-stress positions. Often, you are dealing with shifting demands as managers, team members, and clients redefine priorities or change the direction of a project. Additionally, development is often a time-sensitive venture, with challenging deadlines typically being the norm.


Web developers may deal with additional pressure in today’s highly connected world. For example, many professionals are expected to be accessible outside of traditional business hours and, thanks to mobile technology and telecommuting, having to answer a call anytime, day or night, is a reality for many.


But there is a way to help reduce the negative implications of a high-stress job. Mindfulness practices can lessen the pressure associated with development work, allowing you to produce better results while enjoying an improved quality of life. Here’s how to get started.


It’s More Than Meditation

When people think of mindfulness, they often relate the concept to meditation. While such actions can be part of the practice, there is more to it than that.


Mindfulness, in a general sense, is having an awareness of how you are feeling and thinking throughout your day. It allows you to understand better what stimuli may trigger a negative reaction, making it easier to spot alternatives that produce a more favorable result.


Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Day

Often, those who practice mindfulness work to reframe their mindset into something that leads to better results and an improved mood. For example, assuming a positive outlook, relying on active listening, and trying to exude an aspect of caring when you communicate with others can all play a part in mindfulness.


Typically, the easiest way to begin being more mindful is to start with regular self-check-ins. Working as a web developer can be incredibly isolating as the majority of the work involves heads-down tasks done on your own, so assessing your own situation doesn’t always feel natural at first. However, learning to assess your current state of mind regularly and physical being allows you to initiate self-care with greater ease, giving you opportunities to reduce stress before it builds.


You also want to avoid multitasking whenever possible. In truth, very few people can truly multitask. Everyone else simply interrupts on task to do another, which harms one’s ability to focus and increases the time required to reach completion. Instead, work to handle each activity one at a time, working through a problem or duty until it reaches a point of completion. If necessary, you can even block out time on your calendar based on your current workload, making it more natural to stay on target and ensuring others know you are busy during those times.


Finally, practice reframing your stress by stepping into someone else’s shoes. For example, if your manager moves a deadline up, don’t automatically go into a state of frustration. Instead, imagine what pressures they may be facing that led them to make the decision or request. By understanding their position, you are better equipped to manage the related stress more effectively and without associating negative feelings with your boss or team.


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