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What Changes When You Get Promoted from Java Developer to Senior Java Developer

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How to Get Promoted from a Java Developer to a Senior Java Developer


When you are an amazing Java developer, landing a promotion isn’t out of the question. While becoming a senior Java developer is exciting and is a major step forward in your career, it also means you need to be ready for some changes.

Once you begin as a senior java developer, your duties and responsibilities are going to be different. By understanding what is on the horizon, you can make sure that you are prepared to take on the new role. With that in mind, here’s a look at what changes when you get promoted from Java developer to senior Java developer.

Less Hands-On Work, More Managerial Duties

When you become a senior Java developer, it isn’t uncommon for you to do less of the hands-on work. Your coding, architecting, and testing duties usually diminish. While this doesn’t mean you won’t get to do any of this kind of work, it is important to understand that you may spend a lot less time on it that you did before.

Typically, the reason you spend less time on these hands-on tasks is that you become responsible for certain managerial duties. You may need to handle specific personnel-related responsibilities, like time tracking or approving leave. In some cases, you may need to conduct performance reviews as well.

Additionally, monitoring team progress on various projects may fall into your new lane. Providing reports to upper management is also a new duty you may need to start handling.


A Shift from Tactical to Strategic Thinking

As a Java developer, you usually spend most of your time thinking tactically. You are frequently given project requirements and have to find approaches to make them a reality.

When you become a senior Java developer, you begin in a more strategic role. Your position requires you to focus on the overall company instead of just handling projects or addressing issues. You need to be aware of more than just the projects in front of you, taking into consideration other business areas.


New Project-Oriented Responsibilities

While you may not spend as much time coding or testing, that doesn’t mean senior Java developers aren’t highly involved in projects. Often, you’ll take on new project-oriented responsibilities.

For example, you may need to set or track a budget. Addressing scope creep issues could also become your responsibility, as well as monitoring the progress of your team, providing feedback, and ensuring they remain on target.

If your project team experiences conflict, it could be your job to help them resolve it. Personnel issues are commonly handled by senior Java developers, so it is important to be aware of that possibility.


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