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Traits the Top Network Administrators Possess

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Network administrators have to have a substantial amount of technical expertise. However, that alone won’t allow them to excel. It takes more than technical competence if a network administrator is going to genuinely shine; other traits are also necessary.

Having the right soft skills ensures that a network administrator has capabilities beyond technical prowess that will help them meet or exceed expectations. If you want to know what traits top network administrators have in common, here’s what you need to know.

Analytical Problem Solving

When a problem occurs, most network admins need to be able to apply logic and their analytical capabilities to find a solution. With critical thinking capabilities, a network administrator can find resolutions to issues that they’ve never encountered previously, including some that are very complex.


Creative Thinking

While it may seem counterintuitive based on the technical nature of the role, creativity is also vital for network admins. They need the ability to envision out-of-the-box solutions when tried-and-true methods fail and to innovate when necessary. Without creative thinking abilities, they will struggle in both of those areas.


Time Management

Most network administrators juggle several projects, problems, or areas of responsibility at the same time. Without time management and organizational skills, they won’t be able to effectively plan for what lies ahead, causing projects to fall behind or critical tasks to be overlooked. With them, a network admin can ensure all crucial bases are covered, and deadlines are met.



Network admins have to work closely with a variety of other professionals. Along with other members of the IT team, network administrators may spend time coordinating with individuals who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. In all cases, a network admin needs to be able to express themselves clearly, professionally, and in a way that all involved parties can understand.


Passion for Learning

The tech world evolves quickly. Skilled network admins understand that, if they want to keep their company in the best shape possible, they need to stay on top of trends and emerging technologies. Often, this involves self-directed learning, and only genuinely passionate professionals will be willing to take on the work necessary to remain informed.

Ultimately, the majority of top network administrators have all of the traits above, along with a significant amount of technical prowess. It ensures that they aren’t just effective in the techy part of the job, but the other aspects as well, including working as part of a team, planning projects, and remaining well-informed.


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