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The Trend Prediction for Programmers in the New Year

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The Trend Prediction for Programmers in the New Year

With 2020 on the horizon, a new set of trend predictions emerges. While not all of them may come to fruition, at least a portion will likely materialize over the coming year. By learning about potential programming trends now, you can keep your eye on what may be to come. You might be able to prepare your career for new technology or anticipate a change that impacts your profession.

Here’s a look at a few trend predictions for programmers for the year 2020.

Rust Will Become a Mainstream Language

Over the past few years, the use of the Rust programming language has increased. Not only is it a robust and capable language, but programmers also enjoy using it, giving it additional clout in the programming world.

In 2020, you’ll likely see more programmers embracing Rust. Additionally, it might make its way into educational programs and, once it becomes part of a formal curriculum, one could argue that Rust will officially be in the mainstream. There are also already companies looking for Rust engineers, and the number of organizations seeking professionals with these skills will likely increase.

GraphQL Will Become More Prevalent

When it comes to fetching data, many programmers believe that GraphQL is a better option than your typical REST API. GraphQL can grab all of the data an app requires in just a single request, a more efficient approach than loading it from multiple URLs.

Plus, GraphQL is already being used in a range of environments and in conjunction with a variety of languages. In 2020, it will likely become more popular and prevalent.

Web Devs and Progressive Web Apps

Today’s web developers are likely going to see more requests for progressive web applications (PWAs). Since their skills are transferable and the number of web devs exceeds the number of native developers that might be available, companies will likely repurpose web developers to assist with PWA development.

While genuine web apps won’t go anywhere any time soon, since PWAs combine the best of what web and mobile apps have to offer, the idea is catching on quickly. A cross-compatible PWA is an efficient approach, so companies will likely embrace the concept more readily in the years to come.

JavaScript Remains a Solid Bet

When it comes to consistent growth, JavaScript is hard to beat. While it certainly isn’t anything new, JavaScript is widely used. Along with legacy code, programmers create new code with it each and every day. Plus, companies frequently look for JavaScript developers specifically, offering strong salaries to entice top talent. It’s also popular with the development crowd, so the likelihood that it will fade into obscurity any time soon is essentially nil.

Ultimately, all of the trend predictions above have a reasonable chance of becoming true. If you’re involved in the world of development, make sure to keep your eye on them.

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