Friday, Jul 07 2017

The Skills You Need to Become an In-Demand Cloud Systems Administrator

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The importance of the cloud in business is no secret.  The majority of companies have shifted at least a portion of their systems to cloud-based solutions, and hybrid cloud environments remain popular. As organizations continue to use these hybrid infrastructures, the need for cloud systems administrators has increased dramatically. If you want to learn about what it takes to succeed in this growing field, here is an overview of some of the must-have skills for these positions.


Cloud administrators need to have a thorough understanding of traditional systems as well as virtual ones. While specific experience in private, public, or hybrid cloud-based environments is obviously helpful, so is prior experience with a variety of virtualization technologies. Additionally, server management and their associated OS’s are also important for the job, while storage technology is vital as well. Look to branch out your experience to include solutions like Avamar, Dell EqualLogic, EMC VNX, Extreme IO, Veeam, and VMAX to give yourself the biggest leg up in the field.

Languages and Tools

Well-rounded experience with a range of languages and tools can also help you make a positive impression when applying to cloud administration positions. Some of the more popular programming languages in the field include BASH, Perl, PowerShell, Python, and Ruby. That means having an understanding of at least a few of these can help you secure a job. Add to that knowledge of tools and automation technologies like Ansible, Chef, and Puppet, and you have created a powerful toolbox that many companies crave.


However, you also need certain mental tools to help you be successful. Experience with methodologies like DevOps and Scrum agile processes is often considered a must-have, as many businesses prefer these approaches to managing development.


In today’s day and age, it should be no surprise that an understanding of security measures is part of the equation. Many cloud administrators need to be able to secure cloud-based apps and data from a variety of threats. Data backup and disaster recovery methods differ slightly in cloud and hybrid environments, so understanding any applicable differences and being equipped to create comprehensive plans can help you stand out from the crowd. Application-level security methods should also be part of your wheelhouse to ensure you truly get the hiring managers attention.

Communication and Collaboration

Cloud systems administrators don’t exist in a bubble. Not only do they have to coordinate with third-party SaaS providers, but they must also work with diverse technical teams and non-technical stakeholders. This means you need to be able to communicate complex information in a way that less tech-savvy individuals can grasp and facilitate understanding between a range of IT professionals.


If you think you have the right skills to start or further your career in cloud systems administration, the recruiters at The Armada Group can connect you with leading companies looking for professionals just like you. Contact us today to explore new opportunities today.