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As IT Picks Up Pace, What Are Ways Your Tech Workers Can Keep Up?

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As IT Picks Up Pace What Are Ways Your Tech Workers Can Keep Up

To say that technology changes rapidly is likely a massive understatement. Often, new innovations and approaches emerge with such frequency that keeping pace seems practically impossible. However, falling behind can be detrimental to companies, so they need to find options that can help their tech workers keep up. 

Luckily, there are a variety of resources that can make tracking trends and staying relevant as easy as possible. If you want to make sure your tech team can keep up even as IT picks up the pace, here are a few ways to get started. 

Embrace Online Learning 

There are numerous online platforms filled with courses focused on a variety of tech skills and knowledge areas. Along with colleges and universities, sites like Khan Academy, Udemy, and Coursera have high-quality options, including some classes that are available for free. 

If you want your IT employees to remain current, providing them with access to online learning resources is a great way to start. This could include company-sponsored courses (where the organization pays any associated fees to encourage a professional to take a specific class) or simply the ability to use the platforms during any downtime. 

Alternatively, you can also create an internal learning management system (LMS). With this approach, you have full control over what is offered and can create access levels that align with a worker’s role. However, it can be cumbersome to get an LMS launched, particularly if you have to create your own course materials or hire a learning and development professional to craft the classes. 


Give Them Time 

If the remaining current is a priority for your company, then you need to make sure that your IT employees have time available to dig into something new. Giving them space to explore new areas or develop new skills during their workday ensures that professional development is possible. Otherwise, they may struggle to find the time necessary to learn after hours. 

Make sure your tech pros have the option to block out time on their calendars, specifically for learning. For example, create a policy that enables them to designate one hour a week for tutorials, webinars, reading, or anything else that can help them keep pace. By making it a formal policy, you can create guidelines regarding how the time can be used while also guaranteeing that it will be available. 


Send Them to Conferences 

Industry conferences are excellent resources for tracking trends. Typically, speakers will focus on the latest developments or emerging technologies, sharing vital information with all in attendance. 

Plus, by sending your team to conferences, you’re giving them a chance to network with other professionals. As they speak with other tech pros, they may learn about additional developments or trends that are worth monitoring. 


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