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A Look Inside the Mind of a Technical Project Manager

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A Look Inside the Mind of a Technical Project Manager


Many companies employ technical project managers to oversee IT projects. While the precise nature of the work can vary from one organization to the next, many technical project managers have similar experiences and challenges while working in their roles.

As a result, by taking a look inside the mind of a technical project manager, you can learn more about what the job is like from people who actually work in these positions. Here’s what you need to know.

The Pre-Development Phase

Before any work begins on a project, a technical project manager has a lot on their plate. First, they need to create a roadmap, examine the project’s feasibility, influence its direction when necessary, and break it down into workable pieces.

Additionally, they need to gather information that allows them to understand the business requirements. Often, they also work with an architect or Dev lead to get their insight regarding feasibility and determine what the solution may look like. Technical project managers also help guide the developers through the effort estimation process, making it easier to create reasonable timelines.


The Development Phase

Once development begins, technical project managers work closely with other stakeholders and developers to keep things on target. This includes answering questions regarding the project and gaining additional information to help clarify goals. As features become available, technical project managers examine the demos to provide early feedback or guide any possible course corrections.

Further, technical project managers outline any expectations regarding the project’s results. This includes feature performance throughout the solution, ensuring everyone understands how a feature should work.


The Post-Development Phase

After the solution is developed, technical project managers still have plenty to do. They need to make sure that critical teams understand the solution fully. Additionally, periodic lookbacks to learn how the project performed in comparison to various metrics or KPIs is also a common part of the job.


What It’s Like to be a Technical Project Manager

Some professionals genuinely enjoy being a technical project manager. You get to work with a lot of people on a daily basis, including some who have expertise in areas other than IT.

The work is also very challenging. You have to be ready to address any problems as well as meet the expectations of your employer. Further, since the boundaries of the role are rarely set in stone, it can be difficult to figure out how much control or oversight you need to exert over others.

Often, professionals who struggle with unknowns won’t find the role very satisfying. Similarly, those who don’t like to plan, take part in a lot of meetings, and make decisions quickly might not consider the position and ideal fit.

However, those who can face adversity head-on, enjoy technical work, and finding strategizing to be invigorating, finding a technical project manager position might be an excellent career move.


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