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5 Web Development Technology Full Stack Engineers Should Be Proficient In

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5 Web Development Technology Full Stack Engineers

To say that technology changes quickly is an understatement. New solutions enter the business world at a rapid pace, and tech professionals are often expected to acquire the necessary skills that allow their employers to embrace emerging tech.

Full-stack engineers particularly have to stay on top of trends. They have to remain abreast of front-end and back-end web development technologies, ensuring they can continue to excel in their roles. As a result, enhancing their capabilities has to be a way of life. With that in mind, here is a look at five web development technologies all full-stack developers need to know.

1. React

Also known as React JS, React is a leading front-end framework. Its popularity has increased substantially over recent years, even surpassing other options like Angular. With React, a developer can use JavaScript to create front-ends. As a result, both web development professionals and companies are favoring it, causing it to become a must-have for anyone working in the field.

2. Angular

Another front-end framework that relies on JavaScript, Angular gives developers the ability to create testable code with relative ease. Plus, it’s an open-source solution and provides web development professionals the ability to create full-featured web applications beyond what can be crafted in HTML alone. Additionally, the ability to craft a highly readable environment and speed up development are both beneficial.

3. Node.js

On the back-end side of the equation, Node.js is a widely used JavaScript-based framework. Its event-driven approach makes Node.js incredibly efficient, particularly for data-intensive applications that need to operate in real-time. Plus, it’s package ecosystem - npm - is the largest open-source libraries ecosystem in the world. As a result, development can be substantially quicker by using Node.js.

4. Django

Built to promote rapid development and straightforward design, Django– a Python web framework – is continuing to make waves. This free, open-source solution accelerates application creation, even when advanced functionality is involved. There is a wide selection of modules that can be used to make development easier and more efficient. Plus, it offers more capabilities than CherryPy, which has also made it a popular alternative to that Python-based framework.

5. jQuery

When it comes to using JavaScript on a website, jQuery tries to make it as simple as possible. This library aims to enable developers to write less code while still accomplishing their goals. The code for commonly performed tasks is created and stored in a method. With jQuery, you can call on that method with just one line of code, allowing you to develop at a lightning pace.

By familiarizing themselves with all of the web development technologies above, full-stack developers can be more efficient and effective in their roles. Development times can be reduced dramatically, partially because less time is spent reinventing the wheel or battling against tech that isn’t as refined.

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