Monday, Jan 11 2010

Transformative Technology – Harnessing the power of Cloud and Virtualization

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At The Armada Group, we help clients understand transformative technology issues like cloud computing and virtualization. We collaborate with clients to develop and implement business and technology strategy that takes advantage of the latest methods for delivering services to internal and external customers.

Through our work, we see trends emerge across our client base. One of the strongest trends we are seeing today is the pressure on technology executives to consider other alternatives to traditional IT infrastructure investments. There is increasing pressure for technology executives to justify the acquisition of new, on-premise technology assets. There is also increasing resistance to funding initiatives that result in customized, on-premise solutions to support the business.

Technology executives are frequently having to respond to the hype surrounding cloud computing and virtualization. While there are many benefits to the cloud, it’s not as easy as it appears. Therefore, as information and the claims associated with cloud computing amplify, a clear coherent strategy is required.

Armada advises our clients to develop a cloud computing and virtualization strategy with the following components:
  • IT strategy and business alignment
  • Applications review for fit with virtualization and cloud
  • Governance & security considerations
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Business and technology impact analysis
  • Change management review
  • Detailed cloud roadmap

Are you being asked for “cloud alternatives” to your technology infrastructure investments? How are you responding and what are the results?