Tuesday, Apr 19 2016

How Confident Are You in Tablet Security?

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How Confident Are You in Tablet Security

Tablets are becoming a key tool for employees who work out in the field. Many employers now issue tablets to service professionals like visiting nurses or salespeople who make customer calls. By using these tablets, those workers are able to access company systems so data entry doesn't require a trip back to the office or to look up the information needed to close the deal. But, as with other mobile devices, the security risks of tablets are often unacknowledged, and many companies don't have the capabilities to secure, monitor, and support the usage of these devices.

There are several different risks companies need to address:

Loss of the device

Because these devices are so small and light, they're easily misplaced, lost, or stolen. Companies need to ensure that if an unauthorized user gains access to the device, they don't gain access to all the data on it and all the company's data systems.

Insecure networks

Employees on the go are likely to connect using insecure Wi-Fi networks in hotels, coffee shops, and other facilities. When employees connect using these networks, they risk exposing password and data or infecting their device with malware. Public charging stations also can potentially infect devices with malware.


The risks of malware are limited with iOS devices, but there's widespread malware that targets Android devices.

Companies that want to give their employees the flexibility of using tablets while maintaining appropriate security should consider using mobile device management software. That software provides a variety of features that help protect tablets and other mobile devices, such as allowing applications to be added or removed from mobile devices, enforcing encryption and other security controls on the device, and allowing devices to be wiped remotely if they are lost. Additionally, enterprises should build strong authentication into their applications, including multi-factor authentication. Antivirus software on the device will help protect against infections.

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