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Have Anything Left in Your Yearly Tech Budget? Here’s How to Spend It

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Have Anything Left in Your Yearly Tech Budget Heres How to Spend it

IT budgets can be tricky to handle. Ideally, you’d like to have things perfectly planned, so at the end of the year your budget balance is zero — but that happens rarely, if ever. Often you’ll have a little left over as the year comes to an end. So do you spend it wastefully, or leave it sitting there and risk having your budget cut next year because upper management decides you don’t need as much?

Fortunately, there are options for a middle ground. Here are some quick ideas on using minimal remaining IT budget funds to create maximum impact at the end of the year.

Invest in team mobility

Company-provided mobile devices can increase your team’s productivity, along with their satisfaction and loyalty. They also make a great holiday gift. If you have enough left in your budget, investing in top-of-the-line tablets or smartphones for your IT team is a smart move, helping to reward employees’ hard work while also making them more connected and productive.

Pop up your marketing

If you’re a smaller company or consulting firm, chances are your marketing is the lowest priority on your budget list. But conversely, your business can’t grow if you don’t invest in marketing. When you’re facing a year-end budget surplus, turning those funds into a marketing investment is one of the best gifts you can give your business — with a good chance of netting you an increased budget for next year.

Expand your cloud

Even if you’re not using the cloud much right now, you will be soon. The tech industry as a whole is on a rapid march toward cloud platforms and services, and as support for legacy solutions dwindles, the cloud is becoming a greater necessity.

If you’re already using cloud services on a limited basis, now is the perfect time to expand. Use your budget surplus to increase your cloud storage or bandwidth, or add more features to your existing platforms and services. The more agile your cloud, the better your business will perform in a cloud-based near future.

Invest in open source

One of the main attractions of open source platforms is that they’re free, or at least significantly lower in cost than popular enterprise solutions — so why would you invest money in them? Well, if you’re currently operating with proprietary solutions, it’s going to cost you to migrate to open source. But the benefits of moving to open source platforms are numerous, and the investment will pay for itself in the long run.

Open source has evolved from a complex toy to a major enterprise force, and many open source platforms are more reliable, more secure, and more robust than legacy solutions. Look into the options, and consider investing your surplus budget in an improved and more cost-effective platform.

Untangle your cable nests

Over time, server rooms can start to look like someone held a spaghetti party and forgot to clean up. If you have cabling strewn around the floor, and cracked or dried-out cable housing on some of your older cables, it’s time to upgrade — and a year-end budget surplus is the perfect excuse to handle this task.

Depending on your budget amount, you can either purchase replacement cables and have your team install them as needed, or hire a professional to come in and clean up in one pass.

Back up your backups

Being in IT means you already have a backup solution — but is it enough? Backup redundancy is often a small investment that can result in substantial returns. No backup is failsafe, and data loss can cause catastrophic consequences that often lead to business shutdown.

Investing in extra backup is never a waste of funds. At minimum, you should have both an online and a local backup solution in place, with scalable capabilities that can handle more than expected increases. If you already have this, you might consider a fireproof local backup solution or remote physical backup to guard against theft or natural disasters.

Still need more help coming up with solutions for a surplus end of year budget? Contact the IT pros at The Armada Group for more ideas and help implementing these changes!