Wednesday, Mar 22 2017

How to Turn a Bad IT Job into a Learning Opportunity

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Bad IT Job


It’s just a fact; not everyone working has a job they love. In some cases, people head out the door every day to end up at a job they downright loath. But being in a bad IT job doesn’t mean there isn’t some value in the experience. In fact, it can actually be a catalyst to bigger and better things. So, before you decide that everything to do with the less than stellar position isn’t of use, here are some learning opportunities that even a bad tech job can provide.

A Better Work/Life Balance

When your job doesn’t provide much satisfaction, it is common to turn to other activities to get the fulfillment you need. This can include anything from hobbies to education to personal business pursuits. Additionally, you are less inclined to take your home with you, freeing you from a sense of obligation others may hold. As you look for more value from your home life, it is often easier to attain the work/life balance many people crave, and that can be a wonderful thing.

The Value of Perseverance

If you can’t immediately leave a bad IT job for greener pastures, you often get the exercise a valuable soft skill: perseverance. You have to dedicate yourself to finishing your tasks and meeting deadlines, even if you find the experience less than enjoyable, as this ensures you have positive references when the time comes to move on. Over time, your dedication can lead to new opportunities, too.


In some cases, you’ll find your current job helps you find an opportunity at a better company. In others, you may get to see your workplace change. People often come and go in any business. And, if the right people leave or come in, your once bad job may actually turn into something you enjoy.

Learning to Let Go

We aren’t all born optimists. However, being stuck in a less than ideal IT position can’t consume your whole life. Instead, you get to practice a valuable life skill as you learn to let go of what ails you. In time, you’ll learn to spot the brighter side of things within your life to help keep you moving forward on a day-to-day basis. And, with some practice, you may even find yourself assuming the new title of an optimist.

Take Every Advantage

Since your job doesn’t meet your needs overall, consider every advantage it could have to offer you and your future. Then, pursue them with all your might. Every chance to learn a new skill or explore a new technology should be grasped with both hands. Then, when it comes time to head out the door, you have more to offer than when you started in the position.


If you are looking for new opportunities to replace your bad IT job, The Armada Group can help you find positions that may offer what your current one lacks. Contact us today and see what the future may hold once you find a job that gives you something to smile about on its own.