Wednesday, Mar 29 2017

How to Prepare for a Promotion into a Leadership Role

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Being promoted into your first leadership position is an exciting time, but it can also be a challenging one. Often, it comes with a series of nuances you have yet to experience. Add to that the desire to make a strong first impression, and it can be almost anxiety inducing.


While everything may not go perfectly regardless of your efforts, there are steps you can take to help you prepare for your first day as a leader in a company. To help you on your journey, here are some tips to make the beginning of this segment of your career as successful as possible.

Expect Awkwardness

An internal promotion into a leadership position means you are working with people who remember when you were a member of their ranks. Regardless of your skills or abilities, the change in the dynamic can lead to some awkward encounters. You may be unsure about your authority, and former coworkers might not know if the relationship has effectively shifted as you assume your new role. In some cases, you may even run into individuals who are blatantly resistant, guaranteeing some uncomfortable moments.


While you may not handle every one of these moments perfectly, understanding that they will occur helps ensure you aren’t caught off guard. Just remember, it can take time for a change to sink in and become the norm and make sure you handle every situation with a mixture of confidence and grace.

To Err is Human

When you start a new position, you are going to make the occasional mistake. And transitioning into a leadership role is no exception. Acknowledge that errors will be made and take ownership of them when they do. Then, treat them as learning opportunities and strive to avoid that mistake in the future.


Just because you have worked at the company for a while, that doesn’t mean you will automatically know everything there is to know about being a leader in the organization. Be prepared for some missteps, make necessary corrections, learn from the experience, and then move on to the next challenge.

Popularity and Leadership Don’t Always Go Hand-in-Hand

Sometimes you will have to make a choice, and it isn’t always going to make you popular even if it is the right move. Understand that not everyone will like your decision but, if it was made based on an appropriate amount of analysis and experience, don’t be afraid to stand by it.


It can take time for employees to trust new leaders. As you continue in the position, you may see the amount of resistance lessen, though it might never disappear. Just make sure to listen to legitimate concerns or potentially valuable input and then act accordingly. If it turns out you made a mistake, refer back to the point above.


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