Sunday, Jul 10 2016

How to Manage Your Team's Communication Styles

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Some people shout. Some people whisper. Some people use metaphors to make a point, others appeal to emotion, and others pile on fact after fact to lead you to a conclusion. There's nothing wrong with any of these methods, and all of them can be effective. In fact, if you understand your audience, you can tailor your communications to use the method that will work best with those particular people.

Understand Who You Are Speaking To

If you are speaking one on one with a person you know well, you can choose the style that they respond to best; it's not true that everyone who works in technology thinks like Mr. Spock or Mr. Data. When you speak with a group, you can't match each individual's preferred communication style, and may need to make some assumptions. It's fairly safe to assume that a technical audience wants to hear facts and a logical argument. Managers may also prefer this. Other audiences may need a more emotionally based discussion.

Just the Facts, Please

When speaking with someone who prefers to see the data behind an argument, give them the facts in a logical order. Help them reach the conclusion you want by showing how the facts link together to support their position. Don't bring in extraneous points; keep the discussion focused. Respond to questions straightforwardly. Allow these logical thinkers time to review the facts and reach a conclusion.

Feelings Count

When speaking with someone who's driven more by emotions than simply data, it isn't enough to simply present facts and show how they lead to a specific conclusion. While you can't ignore the facts, you need use stories and present them in a context that shows their impact. Expect and encourage an open, freewheeling exchange of ideas.

Build a Great Team that Communicates Well

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