Friday, Feb 24 2017

How to Finally Get the Recognition You Deserve

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Receiving public praise is often a key to greater job satisfaction. It demonstrates that your contributions have been noticed and the work is appreciated. However, not every IT position lends itself well to inherently getting noticed, and that can leave you feeling as though your efforts are being taken for granted.


But there are ways to increase your chances for recognition without coming across as self-centered and entirely self-serving. To get started, consider focusing on these areas first.

Keep Your Manager Up to Date

A manager rarely has the ability to stay on top of the contributions of every individual within a team at all times. While the progress of specific work groups may be monitored and end results examined, you should consider it your responsibility to ensure your manager has information about your work.


Consider implementing a weekly email progress report to keep your manager informed regarding the status of current projects, and feel free to forward any positive feedback you receive from key stakeholders or customers. Both of these serve as platforms to keep your boss up to date without coming across as a braggart. Just make sure that when accomplishments are based on team success, every person is appropriately mentioned in these messages.


These approaches give your manager points on which praise can be given, creating a clear opportunity for recognition.

Offer Recognition to Increase Recognition

Not every company has a culture that focuses on praise and recognition. However, you may have the ability to make changes in that regard. If a team member does something worth recognizing, feel free to give them a shout out. Team meetings and project reviews can be suitable times to acknowledge a team member’s contribution and may encourage other team members to do the same.


Similarly, you can inquire about adding a peer-to-peer recognition system within your organization. Again, this can help develop a culture where offering praise is part of the norm and not the exception.

Take the Initiative

Sometimes the easiest way to get what you need is to ask for it. Individuals often prefer different rewards for a job well done, and if your preferred method doesn’t match those around you, it may simply be an overlooked point in larger employee retention plans.


When more recognition its the goal, you can seek opportunities for more high-profile projects. Similarly, seek out chances to take on certain duties or projects on your own, or when certain tasks aren’t being well managed, publicly volunteer to take those tasks on; then solicit feedback to ensure your work is meeting everyone’s needs.


You may need to embrace self-promotion to a degree if you want to increase your visibility. Just make sure to remain professional as you do so.

Reevaluate Your Position

If your efforts to facilitate more recognition by invoking change in the company culture, or your request for additional feedback to support your career growth are met with blank stares and zero enthusiasm, it may be time to reevaluate your workplace. Not every company culture meets the needs of all individuals, and if recognition is a critical part of your overall job satisfaction, it may be time to find an environment that can meet that need.


Begin preparing your resume and start exploring what new employment opportunities may be available. If you aren’t sure where to begin, contact us to speak with one of our IT recruiters. The skilled professionals at The Armada Group have the experience necessary to help you find a work environment that better suits your needs, allowing you to receive the recognition you need to feel satisfied in your work.