Monday, Nov 07 2016

How to Evolve as a Project Manager to Stay on Top of Your Game

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3 Project Manager

You knew a career as a developer meant always needing to learn new languages and new development methodologies. Did you think that moving into project management meant an end to learning? Sorry. You always need to be developing new skills to stay competitive. Here's how you need to evolve as a project manager:

Stay current on technology trends.

You no longer need to know the detailed syntax of every new programming language, but you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different technology options in order to evaluate your team's suggestions and your end user's requests.

Understand new project management methodologies.

Running an agile development team is nothing like managing a team that follows the waterfall development method. And chances are, your team isn't strictly following agile, anyway. In all likelihood, none of the "textbook" project management methodologies are perfect for your environment. You need to understand multiple approaches to project management to craft a solution that works for your team. (And that solution may change over time, so you always need to be evaluating new methodologies).

Your job title says "manager," but you need to be a leader.

Don't focus on managing and controlling your team's activities. Focus on inspiring and leading them to where they need to be. The team will be happier and more productive, and you'll feel more rewarded.

Understand your end users.

Project management isn't just about the project. It's also about keeping your business users happy. You should spend as much or more time talking to the business as you do to the tech team. Learn to speak their language, and try to see the issues from their perspective. Ideally, you're able to partner with both the business and with your technical staff to define and deliver a real solution.

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