Friday, Jan 06 2017

How IT Will Change in 2017

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Employees with IT skills are still in high demand as unemployment among tech professionals remains low. Companies are raising their IT budgets and salaries are rising. On the surface, everything looks positive for those working in the field of IT. But there’s more to the 2017 picture than what you see at a glance, and IT professionals need to brace themselves for the change that is coming.

Shifting Priorities

Organizations are moving away from many of the traditional IT paradigms. Rising budgets are being directed towards cloud services and software development projects, and away from the usual maintenance associated with managing a large internal infrastructure. Even ERP is falling out of favor when it comes to making investments in a business’s technical needs.


Professionals who traditionally found themselves working in the areas of server maintenance and ERP projects may find it more difficult to obtain new positions. The landscape is changing, and these are the jobs that will likely feel the pain first.

Big Data Analytics

Companies still value their data. Being able to bring meaning to the wealth of data businesses collect is a highly desirable skill, and will remain so into 2017. Skilled professionals working in this field need to be able to do more than organize the wealth of data an organization may collect; they need to help others understand the information so that decisions can be made.

Software Development

As businesses begin to move away from traditional maintenance expenses, they are able to direct more attention to software development. Professionals with programming skills and experience will continue to be in high demand throughout 2017. And those whose skills can be used to promote the need for increasing mobility will likely find themselves fairly secure in their employment options.

Cloud Services

The use of cloud services is growing across almost every major industry. For many organizations, it is not only the cost-effective choice, but the convenient one as well. This means companies are looking for different IT professionals than previously. Having a thorough understanding of cloud operations and SaaS can help employees keep pace with the changes that are occurring. Additionally, cloud service providers may find the need for more workers as the demand for services increases across the country.


Data breaches are still regularly making headlines, so it’s no wonder that companies are investing in IT security products and professionals. With demand high, and unemployment low, security-oriented tech experts see salary increases as businesses compete to secure the best talent available.

Mobile Device Management

The workforce continues to become more mobile as smartphone and tablet technology brings more computing power into the palm of your hand. With that comes a need for professionals with the knowledge and ability to manage this increasingly diverse IT landscape and help mitigate the risks associated with handheld devices holding significant business resources.

Be Prepared to Learn

IT professionals need to remain adaptable as the landscape continues to change. Those who are willing to learn new skills and adapt their current ones will likely find continued success as companies work to fill vacancies. Go ahead and roll with the changes; a new level of career success might be just ahead.


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