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Why Your Tech Pros are Looking for New Jobs While They're Working for You

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According to a recent study, over 40 percent of all IT professionals are interviewing for a new job, and they are currently employed elsewhere. A shocking 60 percent want to quit their job. While their reasons are varied, issues with management was a commonly cited motivator. Other causes include unequal opportunities, a lack of challenging work, and no recognition for their efforts.

If your company isn’t working diligently to keep you tech employees engaged and going the extra mile to make them feel appreciated, there is a decent chance they will move on to something else. Similarly, if the employee’s manager isn’t a source of inspiration, an ally in the office, or otherwise fails to meet your IT pros expectations, don’t expect them to stay for the long-term.

Luckily, there are things you can do to entice your tech pros into staying, allowing you to reduce turnover and keep your best and brightest on board. Here’s how to get started.

Make Recognition Part of Your Culture

Acknowledging the hard work of your tech pros is essential if you want to keep them. Whether that involves promoting those who genuinely shine, offering performance-based bonuses, holding formal recognition events, or simply saying “thank you” when they overcome an obstacle, depends on your unique situation. However, if you fail to acknowledge and reward their achievements, your IT staff aren’t going to stick around.


Create Opportunities

The majority of your tech employees likely have not reached the top of their career ladder, and most want to find chances to advance in their field. If you are not creating opportunities to learn and grow on the job, your tech pros may believe that leaving is their only option if they want to move forward.

In order to prevent this scenario, make opportunities available. Anything from formal training to mentorship programs to chances to handle new challenges can all help keep your staff engaged, increasing their job satisfaction and making it less likely that they will leave solely for the ability to advance.


Make Feedback a Two-Way Street

Giving your employees feedback is critical for ensuring they stay on target and at least meet expectations. However, if you aren’t gathering input from your workers as well, then you aren’t creating an ideal environment.

By making feedback a two-way street, you are giving your tech pros a chance to air their grievances, discuss any challenges they are facing, and recommend improvements that can enhance productivity and efficiency. Then, by implementing solutions based on that information, you make your employees feel heard, and that can work wonders for morale.

Ultimately, failing to rise to the occasion as an employer means that turnover will be (or remain) a problem for your organization. Tech pros have other opportunities thanks to today’s job seekers market. However, by taking the right steps, you can keep them engaged and satisfied, so follow the tips above if you want to keep your best and brightest on staff.


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