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Why Tech Departments Need Excellent Project Managers in Silicon Valley

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Why Tech Departments Need Excellent Project Managers in Silicon Valley

Many IT projects are substantial undertakings. Without a great project manager, many Silicon Valley tech departments would struggle to reach their project goals. This is true even if the team is otherwise highly skilled, as skill sets along aren’t necessarily enough to guarantee success.

If you are wondering why tech departments need excellent project managers in Silicon Valley, here’s what you need to know.

Feasibility and “Sanity” Checks

Strong technical project managers have a variety of responsibilities, but the feasibility and “sanity” checks may be some of the most critical duties they undertake. Using their tech knowledge, the project manager reviews the proposed roadmap to ensure that what is being asked for can be created and supported by the company.

It isn’t uncommon for some stakeholders to have a limited understanding when it comes to the limitations of certain technologies, systems, and infrastructures. As a result, they may be requesting solutions or features that can’t be built or added because the company lacks the capacity or the tech doesn’t exist in the desired form.

Similarly, the stakeholders may be expecting more from a single solution than is reasonable. Essentially, their task is far too involved or grand to be contained in one project or product, making it practically impossible to create.

An effective project manager not only can spot these issues, but they can also address them. The project manager will communicate with stakeholders, steering them toward goals that are actually viable and that also meet the end-users’ needs.


Effective Timeline Creation and Management

Skilled technical project managers understand the nature of development timelines. They may have personal knowledge of what it takes to handle certain tasks or are efficient at gathering such details from others.

As a result, a competent project manager can help develop a realistic timeline for a project. They can ensure that the development team isn’t asked to do the impossible and that all deadlines are attainable, even if they are a bit challenging.

Plus, the right project manager is adept at keeping the team on schedule. Expectations are clear from the beginning, giving the developers clear targets and goals. Additionally, the project manager obtains updates regularly and provides guidance when challenges arise.

Further, a project manager will limit scope creep. This ensures that additional asks aren’t automatically integrated into the plan without proper evaluation, limiting the likelihood that unexpected, late requests derail the project.


Feedback Gathering and Course Adjustments

A great project manager understands the value of feedback. As features become available, the project manager provides stakeholders and end-users with demos so that they can evaluate the solutions while it is in development. Then, they take any feedback to see if changes are necessary and if any requests are reasonable and feasible. If necessary, they issue course adjustments to create a better end product.


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