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What Not to Do When Interviewing Tech Candidates

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What Not to Do When Interviewing Tech Candidates


Interviewing tech candidates can be challenging. While you need to make sure you can assess the job seeker’s capabilities thoroughly, you also want to make sure that the process isn’t deterring top talent from considering you as a potential employer.

Similarly, your goal shouldn’t be to catch the candidate with a question that is nearly impossible to answer or is unnecessarily intimidating. If the question won’t actually help you determine whether the candidate can excel in the position, all you are doing to damaging their confidence.

If you want to interview tech candidates successfully, here are a few things you should avoid doing.

Don’t Ask Riddles

Not too long ago, numerous articles featuring quirky interview questions that were asked by tech giants started making the rounds. While you may believe that asking a candidate how many tennis balls could fit in the Empire State Building is a good idea, it doesn’t actually tell you much about the job seeker’s relevant capabilities.

Instead, it is substantially more valuable to ask questions that focus on the candidate’s skills and any challenges they may face in the role. For example, know if the job seeker can code or has tackled a similar project in the past gives you more insight into how they may perform in the position than any tricky question you can think up.


Don’t Look for Perfection

When you are hiring for a position, you typically have a set of checkboxes in mind that cover both the must-haves and the nice-to-haves. While it may be tempting to try and find someone who checks every single one, that may not be realistic.

For example, if you need someone who knows JavaScript, asking about a ton of other languages and unrelated frameworks might not be the best move. This approach keeps you from focusing on the genuine must-haves and could leave you shooting for a match that simply doesn’t exist.

Instead, find out about the must-have skills first and consider whether the candidate has the ability to learn other skills quickly in the future. A highly motivated, lifelong learner is often an overlooked asset, particularly if you keep thinking you can find a perfect candidate.


Don’t Rely on the Whiteboard

Many hiring managers ask candidates to work out a problem on a whiteboard as a means of assessing their capabilities. However, the whiteboard isn’t a common tool for most IT work. As a result, many candidates find these exercises daunting, largely because they aren’t in their element.

Instead, consider finding alternatives that can accomplish the same skill assessment goal. Let the candidate know what you’d like to see and give them options for showing their work. This could include everything from a pencil and paper to an iPad, depending on the nature of the skill. By letting them choose something that feels more familiar, the job seeker will be at their best and can truly showcase what they have to offer.


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