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This Is the Perk Millennials Want from Their Next Tech Job

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This is the Perk Millennials Want from their Next Tech Job


When it comes to perks, Millennials mainly have one thing on their mind. While companies may assume that free lunches and on-site facilities, like gyms and game rooms, would top their list, that isn’t the case. Those niceties don’t speak to the larger goals that many Millennials want to achieve. If you're going to attract the best and brightest Millennials, here is the perk you need to offer.

Millennials Want Professionals Development Opportunities

The most desirable perk for the majority of Millennials is chances to learn and grow on the job. Many feel that furthering their career is a top priority and favor employers who will help them advance.

Professional development can include a variety of approaches. Along with more traditional mechanisms – like classroom or online training options – options like mentorship programs, the ability to attend relevant conferences, and cross-departmental projects can all facilitate professional growth, making them attractive alternative offerings.

Similarly, career coaching and clear pathways to move up can be a valuable perk for professional development-oriented Millennials. This helps them figure out how to get from where they are to where they want to be, giving them guidance and insights into how the available options can help them succeed.

If your budget allows, creating a tuition reimbursement or student loan assistance can be a great addition to your program as well. Employees may see higher education as more affordable as a result, encouraging them to pursue new degrees, increase their knowledge base, and enhance their skills. If an employee already has a degree and is battling against a student loan, providing assistance makes you a more attractive employer, partially because you are offsetting one of their biggest budget line items.


The Benefits of Offering Professional Development Opportunities

Professional development opportunities create a range of benefits. Along with helping your employees advance, they also promote skill development. As a result, the worker becomes a more capable and valuable member of their team or the organization, and companies can tap their new knowledge to accomplish a variety of organizational goals.

By providing chances to learn and grow on the job, your staff will also be more engaged. This can lead to higher productivity and greater job satisfaction, enhancing morale, and creating a more positive culture.

Plus, companies that offer professional development opportunities are often seen as being more dedicated to their employees. Along with higher morale and creating a sense of trust and commitment, retention rates can improve.

Finally, since many Millennials prefer employers that provide professional development opportunities, your recruitment efforts may be more effective. By including details about your program in vacancy announcements, the position becomes more attractive. When you need to attract top talent, this can be a difference maker, allowing you to stand out from the competition and draw in higher quality applicants.


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