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The Questions That Management Should be Asking Their Employees

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The Questions that Management Should be Asking Their Employees

Employee engagement surveys have become increasingly common. In most cases, companies include questions that allow them to gauge how workers feel about their positions, managers, or the organization. They may ask if the employee thinks they are receiving enough recognition or if they have a best friend at work.

While measuring worker sentiment might seem like a smart move when you want to determine the level of engagement, the approach can be somewhat flawed. Often, the questions don’t focus on areas that drive performance, so it isn’t possible to determine whether the employees are inclined to perform beyond the minimum that is required.

However, by aligning the questions with performance-drivers, an employee engagement survey can become a valuable tool. If you aren’t sure what to include, here’s a look at what management should be asking their teams.

Company Goals and Objectives Questions

Workers are typically more engaged when they feel their contributions have an impact on the larger mission. However, not all of them understand how their efforts connect to those goals, or even what the company’s objectives are at this point in time.

If you want to drive performance through enhanced engagement, this is an important area to measure. Ask your employees questions like whether they understand the company’s broader strategic goals, what they can do to help the organization achieve its objectives, and if they can see a clear link between their contributions and the mission. The hope is that they can answer “yes” in those cases. If they can’t, then it gives management indications of where improvements can lead to stronger performance.

Team-Oriented Questions

Practically every employee works as part of a team. There are very few roles that are genuinely independent, so it’s important to ask questions that focus on the team dynamic.

For example, asking the employee if they are proud to be a member of their team can be beneficial. If the answer is no, it suggests that there may be a conflict or dysfunction that could hinder performance.

Another smart question is to find out if the worker is inspired by their team to do their best work. Again, this can let you know if there are issues with the dynamic that could be harming engagement.

Finally, discovering whether an employee’s team helps them complete tasks when necessary is similarly wise. Teams that support one another and assist each other tend to be more effective and productive, so it’s worth finding out.

Additional Questions

Along with the questions above, it’s also wise to ask your employees whether they feel they have a suitable amount of information when they need to make decisions. Further, asking if they understand the company’s informal structures and processes as well as who they can ask for help when the unexpected occurs is also wise. That way, you can gauge whether a worker is fully equipped to succeed in their role, and that’s more valuable than knowing their level of engagement alone.

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