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The Easiest Lies to Catch on a Tech Resume

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When you have your dream job in sight, doing everything you can to land an interview seems like a good idea. Exaggerating your accomplishments or inflating your credentials might appear to be harmless on the surface, especially if you believe you are fully capable of handling the duties associated with the role. However, if you are thinking of lying on your resume won’t come back to haunt you, you are mistaken.

Ultimately, not being honest on your tech resume is incredibly risky. While some people do get away with it, most of them don’t. Hiring managers are adept at spotting falsehoods, particularly when it comes to the topics below.


Saying you have a degree that you don’t actually possess hardly ever works out. In fact, it is one of the easiest lies to spot, mainly because there are a variety of background check services that verify education and a single phone call to the school could unravel your tale.

Additionally, the alumni network at most schools is vast, and one of your prospective coworkers or possible future clients might even be one. If they figure out that you lied, they probably won’t keep your secret.



On the surface, verifying a person’s achievements seems like it would be difficult. You might not expect a hiring manager to question the details, let alone put forth the effort to check and see if you were truthful.

In reality, hiring managers also have very large professional networks. They may have a connection at your current or previous employer, and a simple phone call or email would be all it takes to see if your retelling was accurate.

Further, if you are hired because you have a particular capability that aligns with the accomplishment, the hiring manager may expect a similar performance if you get the job. If you can’t actually live up to the claims, then your new job may be at risk very quickly.



Talking about being fired is never fun. However, if you lie about the reason you left a position, the hiring manager can figure that out in very little time.

Even if your previous employer won’t disclose that you were fired, employee networks and other resources, like social media, may discuss your termination. Similarly, a reference might not be worried about talking about why you are no longer employed there unless there is a strict policy forbidding it.

While admitting you were fired is hard, it is better to be honest. If the hiring manager realizes that you tried to deceive them, it will hurt your reputation and probably will cost you the job, even if it has already been offered.

Ultimately, when you write your tech resume, telling the truth is the best approach. Being caught in a lie, either today or after you are hired, comes with consequences, so it truly isn’t worth the risk.


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