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Red Flags You Can't Ignore During Your IT Interview

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Red Flags You Cant Ignore During Your IT Interview


Landing an interview is exciting. You may spend a substantial amount of time preparing, ensuring you can showcase your experience and skills in the best light as well as relate it to the vacant position and the company’s mission. But, even though you nailed the interview, you get the feeling that something isn’t quite right, leaving you hesitant to proceed through the process.

At times, the reason you become unsure about the opportunity is because of subtle red flags that indicate there may be a problem. Ignoring these issues could mean ending up in a less-than-ideal situation. If you want to make sure you can make a smart decision about the next step in your career, here are some red flags you shouldn’t ignore during your IT interview.

Disengaged Interviewers

If the hiring manager seems disinterested in the discussion, that is typically a bad sign. At a minimum, it suggests the interviewer doesn’t view you as a strong candidate. However, it could also mean that the hiring manager is burned out or unfocused.

In some cases, a disengaged interviewer could be a sign of a toxic culture or an indication that the company is challenging to work for in general. Regardless of the core reason, a lack of engagement is always a red flag.


An Uncomfortable Walk to the Meeting Room

When you are escorted to the room where the interview will take place, you have a chance to observe the working environment. Pay attention to how you feel as you walk through the workplace, as feeling uncomfortable could be a warning sign.

For example, if you notice that the other employees look exhausted or start glaring at you, that could be an indication that the team is overworked or suspicious of (or threatened by) newcomers. If the workplace is incredibly bland, it could imply that the company’s culture isn’t very enticing.


Buzzwords Galore

Certain buzzwords or corporate jargon could actually signal a problem. For example, if the interviewer uses words or phrases like “self-starter,” “rockstar,” or “pushes hard” to describe their ideal candidate, it could indicate that they are selected person won’t have much support. Similarly, being told that the company “doesn’t want to micromanage you” could suggest that you won’t get much guidance if you are selected for the role.

While the occasional buzzword might not be a red flag, you should always examine the context of the statement to determine if you should be concerned. Additionally, asking additional questions about how much guidance or training will be provided initially could give you clearer insights into whether you have something to worry about.

Ultimately, all of the points above could be considered red flags during an IT interview. While you have to use your best judgment to determine if it is enough to keep you from wanting to pursue the position, these situations should at least give you pause or encourage you to dig deeper before you accept an offer.


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