Monday, Jul 24 2017

More Employers Than Ever are Screening Candidates with Social Media

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The majority of IT professionals have embraced at least one social media platform. Whether it’s an account on LinkedIn created to help their career, a Facebook profile to connect with friends and family, or a Twitter account to find and share interesting news, social media use is prolific. But, it is important to recognize that all of the accounts may be searched when you are applying for a new position, as most employers scan these sites with screening candidates. And how you manage your profiles can make the difference between landing the job and being passed over. To help ensure you’ve got everything in order, here’s what you need to know.

Employers Expect and Online Presence

Some job seekers decided to avoid the risks associated with poorly managed social media profiles by not having one at all. While this approach may have worked in the earlier days of these platforms, it isn’t necessarily acceptable today.


Based on a recent survey, over half of all hiring managers would choose not to pursue candidates who don’t have online presences. That means your application would end up on the discard pile just because you can’t be found on popular platforms. In the end, that means having at least on professional social media profile could be considered mandatory. If you don’t have one now, consider starting with a site like LinkedIn. Otherwise, you might get passed over regardless of what else you have to offer.

Content Control is a Necessity

Questionable content on your social media profile is one of the easiest ways to eliminate yourself from contention for a new position. Organizations are putting increased energy into managing their company culture, so signs that a person might not have the right traits for their teams won’t be overlooked.


Posts and photographs that are provocative or suggest you may discriminate against a specific race, religion, or gender are all considered red flags by hiring managers. Similarly, evidence of excessive alcohol or drug use, as well as potentially illegal activity, can end your status as a potential candidate.


Further, hiring managers are going to be concerned with they see posts or images that badmouth your past employers or co-workers as these suggest you may have a negative attitude or a challenging to have in the office. Additionally, indications that you’ve shared confidential or proprietary details about your current or previous work may have them worried about your ability to keep their information private.


Finally, you need to be aware of your spelling, grammar, and word choice. Failing to write in a coherent manner, especially on professional profiles, may suggest you lack certain written communication skills. While not every post needs to be fully professional quality, doing some basic edits can ensure you make a better impression even when the content is casual.


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