Wednesday, Dec 20 2017

How to Hire Your Next Star Technical Operations Architect

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Operations Architect


Maintaining your IT architecture is often considered a critical component of sustaining operations, but many businesses separate the task into specific elements, like infrastructure and application, instead of treating them as parts of a larger whole. With the complexity associated with many corporate or enterprise level architectures, selecting a person to overseas them in their entirety can be incredibly beneficial, as it brings all of the pieces together under a single umbrella.


Hiring a technical operations architect is a serious matter, as the breadth of their duties requires a broad skill set. To make sure you can find a star in the crowd, here are some tips to get you started.


Technical Know-How

A technical operations architect needs to understand a wide range of IT products, services, and designs in a fairly in-depth manner. Without the proper level of expertise in all related forms of architecture, the person will struggle when it comes to maintaining the whole, even if they excel in specific segments.


Precisely which areas they will need experience in may vary from one company to the next, based on the current architecture in place and future development goals. However, they may not need to be true experts in every area, as they are often leading a skilled team of specialists with the necessary knowledge, but they must be competent enough to understand any discussions that occur and to properly select products and services that will best meet the company’s needs.


Soft Skills

A star technical operations architect must also possess a selection of soft skills that will help them perform their duties. Many of these focus on communication, as they will be tasked with leading complex discussions, relaying information to stakeholders who may be less tech-savvy, and coordinating cross-departmental efforts.


Similarly, they must function as leaders within their team, not only being responsible for planning and guiding the work of others but also resolving conflicts and performing delegation duties. Additionally, they will need to build strong relationships with the members of their teams as this facilitates a more productive and supportive work environment for everyone involved.


Research skills are also imperative since most technical operations architects must examine various architecture plans and associated products or services to help determine an ideal direction. They may also be responsible for participating in troubleshoot activities across the board, so being adept at locating vital information is a critical skill.


An analytical mindset is often helpful for these roles, as technical operations architects must review projects, perform cost/benefit analyses, and assess the risks associated with each venture.


While the exact nature of your requirements may vary, those listed above can serve as a solid guideline when you are hoping to hire your next technical operations architecture superstar. If you would like assistance with your search, the professionals at The Armada Group can connect you with some of today’s top candidates. Contact us today to see how our services can help you find the expert you need to succeed.