Friday, Oct 06 2017

How Much Should Software Architects Earn in Silicon Valley?

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When you’re looking for a new job, the salary a company offers often plays a large factor in whether you should accept. In general, software architects in the Silicon Valley area make significantly more than the national average, making it a great location to pursue a career in the field.


In fact, the national average for comparable positions sits just over $120,000, but the same positions in San Jose, California, and the surrounding area can come with an average paycheck of nearly $160,000. And experienced top talent can easily cross the $200,000 mark. But not everyone qualifies for such high pay rates. The unique mix of skills and education a job seeker brings to the table often determine whether they can reach the upper echelons in regards to salary.


If you’re interested in securing a higher-level position, here’s what you need to know.


Experience Matters

In most cases, people who reach the average pay rate in Silicon Valley have a minimum of five years of experience in the field, and those at the top may have 10, 15, or even 20 years of relevant experience. As with any job, entry-level positions will pay significantly lower than those that require time in the field.


However, even lower-level positions can be incredibly lucrative. The lowest 10 percent of software architects, on a national scale, can still reach the six-figure mark if they bring the right education and skills to the job.


Required Skill Sets

Typically, software architects need extensive knowledge of programming languages and specific computer systems. However, which ones are required can differ depending on the employer. That means software architects that have experience in in-demand languages, like Java and C++, may have an easier time finding a high-paying position than those whose skills are less needed by today’s workplaces.


Experience in particular development methodologies, such as Agile, or certain application program interfaces, like RESTful, may also be requirements depending on the expectations associated with the position.



The amount of required education can also vary greatly from one job to the next. Some companies are comfortable offering positions to job seekers who have a bachelor’s degree, though many of the higher paying jobs consider a master’s degree to be the minimum.


In some cases, acquired experience in the field can offset a lower level of education and vice versa. However, it is often safest to assume that a bachelor’s degree is the minimum amount of educational experience required to reach the higher pay levels.


As with any job, pay rates can vary greatly based on a wide range of factors, so there isn’t necessarily a target that every job seeker should seek out. However, reaching the $160,000 point with the right education and experience in a Silicon Valley is perfectly plausible with proper career planning.


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