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Go Inside the Mind of a Tech Hiring Manager

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Go Inside the Mind of a Tech Hiring Manager


Hiring for technology positions isn’t always like it is in other fields. The world of IT changes rapidly, so tech hiring managers can’t focus solely on whether candidates have college degrees from specific schools or a particular set of technical skills. Instead, they have to dig deeper, ensuring they can find candidates that can adapt with ease and as often as necessary.

Essentially, tech hiring managers have a different set of priorities, and certain soft skills and traits are incredibly valuable. Without them, a new hire may not thrive in the fast-paced technology world, hindering overall productivity and profitability.

If you want to know what tech hiring managers look for, here are three things that most would consider must-haves.


Since technology changes rapidly, tech hiring managers need candidates (and employees) who can roll with the punches. Their job descriptions will likely skew and morph over time, requiring them to explore new systems, acquire new skills, and even abandoned favorite approaches, technologies, and tasks as they become obsolete.

IT pros who aren’t willing to adjust when the need arises hinder the organization. Additionally, they may quickly fall behind the times, making them less valuable.

Adaptable tech professionals embrace the latest developments and are willing to change as the field demands. They embrace the challenge of working with someone new and are flexible enough to make course corrections frequently.



Tech hiring managers prefer candidates with drive. Usually, there isn’t enough time to micromanage or steer IT pros, so new hires need to have enough passion to be their own teacher and drive themselves toward success.

IT professionals who aren’t internally motivated to keep pace and solve problems on their own may struggle to thrive in fast-paced environments. As a result, tech hiring managers often favor passionate candidates who can excel even if someone isn’t holding their hand along the way.



Nearly every tech position is part of a larger team. As a result, being able to work well with others and having a personality that meshes with everyone else is critical to long-term success.

While this doesn’t mean everyone needs to be mainly the same, it does mean they need to be compatible. Tech hiring managers will consider the personalities of the candidates, typically choosing one that isn’t just technically capable but will also gel with the team.

Ultimately, tech hiring managers consider all of the points above during the hiring process. While they will also seek out candidates with the right technical capabilities, the traits above are equally important, ensuring the selected job seeker and the team as a whole are strong, cohesive, and likely to succeed even during challenging times.


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