Tuesday, Sep 03 2019

3 Ways to Boost Team Morale in the Long-Run

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When a team is highly engaged, they outperform their less-engaged counterparts, typically by a wide margin. Managers are usually aware that happy employees are more productive, which is what makes managing morale so important.

While boosting morale can seem like a tricky undertaking, there are simple steps that can make a significant impact. If you want to boost team morale over the long-term, here are some tips to follow.

1. Select Appropriate Goals

The ability to achieve goals is crucial for morale. If managers or the team themselves select unreasonable targets, each failed attempt is going to bring them down mentally and emotionally. This is especially true if there are repercussions for falling short, even if the initial objective wasn’t realistic.

While a goal can certainly be challenging, it needs to be obtainable. Facing a challenge can actually boost engagement, as it may require your team to stretch out of their comfort zone and encounter something new. However, that alone won’t help morale if the target isn’t reasonable, so the ability to achieve the goal is also a critical factor.

Additionally, the most effective targets have meaning beyond hitting specific metrics. For example, aligning an objective with the company’s broader mission or focusing on how it provides genuine value to customers makes it more meaningful. As a result, your team will be more motivated to push themselves to excel and, once they succeed, more enthusiastic about the venture.


2. Use the Milestone Approach

Some business goals are achievable but lofty and focused on the long-term. When the objective is initially set, excitement typically flourishes. However, as time goes on and reaching the target still seems far in the future, engagement can wane. Plus, the team may start to feel discouraged about how long the road appears to be, and that their progress down it looks limited.

If you sent a big, long-term goal, then you need to integrate milestones into the path. This gives your employees smaller objectives that they can regularly achieve, giving them a morale boost and showcasing their progress. Additionally, it creates opportunities to celebrate the journey toward the destination. It may make their daily tasks feel more meaningful as they can easily relate them to the broader picture.


3. Cultivate the Ideal Team

Team dynamics have a substantial effect on morale. Just one or two employees can hinder collaboration and harm the overall mood. Similarly, if some workers have subpar skillsets, they stymy productivity even if their attitude is positive.

Cultivating a strong team doesn’t usually happen by accident. It involves examining each member to see how they mesh with the group as well as making smart hiring decisions. The behaviors, emotional state, and performance of each worker play a role in team morale. If negativity reigns, engagement will diminish, outcomes will suffer, and morale will tumble.


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