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Why Using a Staffing Firm Gives You More than Just IT Talent

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Why Using a Staffing Firm Gives You More than just IT Talent

If the only time you think of using a staffing firm is when you need a hand filling a position, you're not getting the full benefit of their expertise. Partnering with a staffing agency can help companies define and achieve a comprehensive workforce management strategy. Instead of always reacting to the loss of IT talent, companies can work together with the staffing agency to proactively position themselves to attract IT talent.

Provide a View Across the Industry

Because of their industry contacts, staffing agencies know how other organizations are enhancing their benefits and policies to appeal to potential employees. They have insight into job descriptions and how the roles of employees are changing. A staffing agency can work with its client companies to develop or revise HR policies to match industry standards and make the company more appealing to potential hires.

Help You Plan for Flexible Staffing

One of the biggest challenges for companies is finding a way to balance long-term and short-term staffing needs. Having to implement a layoff is painful and costly for companies in multiple ways, but being understaffed is also difficult. A staffing agency can help companies develop strategies for using part-time and temporary staff to meet changing staffing needs, as well as recruit the part-time and temporary employees needed. In addition, working with a staffing agency reduces the time needed to find these employees.

Share Responsibilities for Employees

In some cases, the temporary employees don't become your employee; they are employees of the staffing agency. In this arrangement, the staffing agency – not your business – is responsible for meeting legal obligations such as withholding taxes and making FICA contributions. Another significant legal obligation that belongs to the staffing agency is compliance with ACA regulations. By removing these responsibilities from your company, corporate HR and employee benefit teams can be smaller and more efficient.