Tuesday, Apr 12 2016

Should Your Company Have a Boomerang to Close Your Skills Gap?

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Should Your Company Have a Boomerang to Close Your Skills Gap

Is handing out their last paycheck the last time you talk to your former employees? If it is, your company may be missing out on one of your best sources of potential new hires.

Instead, consider creating an alumni community that can help former employees boomerang back into working for you.

More than half of workers say they'd be willing to return to a previous employer. Of course, the opportunity has to be right. Retired workers who find they're bored – or short of cash – in retirement might be glad for the chance to step right back into their previous role, while younger returnees might only come back to a new position which offers an additional challenge.

In either case, the onboarding process is significantly shorter when you re-hire a former employee. There's less need for background checks, and the returnees are already familiar with many company policies and procedures. Depending on how long they were gone, they may be deeply familiar with the corporate culture and already have the working relationships needed to help get the job done.

Develop a Strategy

But without a formal strategy for keeping in touch, companies lose the opportunity to re-recruit former staffers. It doesn't have to be expensive. Email newsletters, LinkedIn, and Facebook groups are all low-cost means of contacting employees once they're off the company distribution lists. The groups and communications can be organized around departments, skills, or locations, allowing you to tailor your messages.

Don't tailor those messages too narrowly, though. Those former employees have personal connections to many other people, which means they can be a great source of referrals, even when they aren't interested in returning themselves. Send frequent enough communications to keep your company on their minds, and make sure the message – and their thoughts – are positive.

You can even invite former employees to company events, to make them feel like they're part of the family. Who knows, they may recommend your company to their children, extending the connection for another generation.

Extend Your Network

If your network of former employees hasn't helped you fill your open positions, contact us to expand your network with ours. The Armada Group has offered boutique staffing services for 20 years. We work to understand your open positions and company culture to help find the best new employees