Tuesday, Dec 15 2015

5 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity

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Armada Dec Five Ways to Boost Employee Productivity

When budgets are tight, you can't get more work done by getting more people to do the work. Instead, you have to figure out how to get the people you already have to get more work done. Fortunately, boosting productivity doesn't mean you have to become a slave driver, or that your employees need to give up their personal lives. Use these five tips to increase their productivity, instead.

Reduce wasted time.

This doesn't mean eliminating coffee breaks and water cooler chitchat. Instead, eliminate non-productive work activities like routine departmental weekly meetings where nothing is ever decided.  Meet with smaller subsets of your team in more-focused meetings that address specific issues. Also, stop CC-ing everyone on emails that aren't relevant to them. Not only is the time they spend reading those missives wasted, the "you've got mail" sound interrupts concentration and distracts employees from the work they were trying to do.

Keep the noise down.

Cubicle farms may be unavoidable these days, but the lack of privacy and lack of quiet make it hard to think. Encourage your team to find places where they can concentrate free of distraction, in order to solve the tough problems. If company policy allows BYOD or work-from-home, untether your staff from their cubicles.

Eliminate procedural overhead.

Filling out forms in triplicate and collecting multiple managerial signatures may be great for documentation and compliance purposes, but admin procedures often get in the way of getting work done. You may need other departments’ to buy-in to making changes in processes, but eliminating unnecessary steps can free up significant time your team could spend doing something other than paperwork.

Assign work to the right people.

Work gets done much more quickly when the person doing the task is both qualified and motivated to get it done. Nobody is going to like every assignment they have to do, but if you can give work to people who like that kind of work, and have the skills and connections to get it done, you'll find it gets done faster.

Take advantage of technology.

Save time spent traveling to off-site meetings by using videoconferencing and collaboration software to eliminate the travel time. Take advantage of other software, too; there are plenty of free, open-source products that can let your team automate many routine software development tasks. Spending a little time building scripts and scheduling jobs can free up a lot of time for other important tasks.