Wednesday, Nov 30 2016

Here Is How Software Testers' Perspectives Are Shifting

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For software developers, writing code and making it work is the fun part of the job. For software testers, breaking code is the fun part of the job. Until recently, this meant that testers were the "bad guys" at work. They were there to find flaws and point them out. This meant they weren't popular with either software developers or management.


Today, things are different. Well – developers still like writing code and testers still like breaking it. But today the relationship between coders and testers is a partnership. The shift to agile and test-driven design means that testing isn't left for the end of a project, when everyone wants to push it out the door and move on to the next great thing; testing is part of the project every day. That means testers aren't seen as a stumbling block to the project's release, but rather as partners in creating a product that will succeed.


The increased emphasis on testing means that what testers need to know to succeed is changing, too. Testers now need:

To know how to write automated tests.

Manual testing is time-consuming and tedious. Automating the test process speeds it up. While there are specific tools to create and execute test cases, testers who know a scripting language will be able to more easily set up the environment for test scenarios.

To understand the full requirements.

Agile development methods don't create extensive requirements documents. Instead, they deliver small working chunks of functionality that will eventually add up to a full application. Testers need to understand the ultimate goal to make sure the functionality in each sprint moves it forward.

To communicate testing results.

To be full members of the project team, testers can't simply tell management the percentage of tests that were passed or failed. They need to evaluate and discuss the overall quality and performance of the application in a much deeper sense.


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