Friday, Mar 31 2017

Expect These Data and Analytics Trends to Last Throughout 2017

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Data Trends


Data and analytics have dominated the technology landscape for the past few years, acting as a dominating force for change throughout a range of industries. Within these segments are a series of trends that suggest what the space has in store for business throughout 2017 and possibly beyond. Here are some of the key points that are garnering attention today and deserve your attention through the rest of the year.

Artificial Intelligence is Center Stage

The concept of artificial intelligence has danced its way in and out of our awareness since the founding principles were established in the 1960s. Now, significant developments in the area are seeing what once was considered science fiction to become fact within workplaces across the country. Platforms have been created with processing models that are beginning to bring AI to life.


Whether you call it AI, machine learning, cognitive computing, or neural networking, it looks like the technology is finally entering business in a meaningful way. While the beginning applications will involve eliminating repetitive, menial tasks from the hands of employees, where it can go has yet to be determined.

Individualized Applications

Big data stormed in with limited structure or direction. Often, businesses collected massive amounts of data from any source that could be reached. Now, companies are aiming for applications that meet the unique needs or their organization. This not only increases efficiency through targeted data analytics, but it also provides more value than the blanket approach of yesteryear.


To meet the need, platforms will become more agile. The ultimate goal is to create singular solutions that cover the data analytics tasks while marrying them to other operations within the company. If the solution doesn’t provide long-term value, then customers will likely look elsewhere.

Preemptive Analytics

Data analytics have typically focused on collecting information and providing either real-time or post-event outputs designed to improve processes through optimization. Preemptive analytics provides the opportunity to drive the transaction, allowing for interventions before an event has even taken place. In the end, these data-driven processes may help create new revenue opportunities, cut costs, and even improve customer interactions through a higher level of personalization.

The Rise of Data Engineers

While data scientists will still have a place in the workplace, data engineers will become the new specialty de jour. Instead of examining data to resolve business issues, data engineers create and manage the larger infrastructure behind big data. Since system operations are a critical part of the data analytics field, those who can design, support and maintain these systems will be more coveted than ever.


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